Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Camoflage Tutorial

This is my first try at doing a tutorial.  Several people have asked how I did the camouflage on the Army Honey Image that I used for the Paper Craft Planet progressive challenge and this tutorial is being posted on the PCP site as well as here.  If you haven't been at the site and joined in the challenge you should stop over and check it out.  So I am going to give it a try.  I did my coloring using Copic Markers-(E30, E40, E43, E50, E51, E53, E11, E15, & YR000).
Step 1 -  is to lay down a light background color and I have chose to do a 'Desert Storm' camouflage and used E50 and the areas I feel that will be hit with light and I want to end up with the lightest color I have left white.  The very center of her helmet, the center of her shirt and the top of the pant leg.

 Step 2 - is to decide where I wanted my darkest areas and I am using E43 to dab what I will call blobs of color.  I want the outside edges of the helmet to be darker because that will help give it the rounded shape, and the center where I have left  the white space I am using only small areas of this dark color.  I also want the dark spots in areas where the clothing is folded and where there should be shadows such as under her arms and breast and the under sides of the legs.

Step 3 - is to add another color of blobs and this time I used E30.   I am using this as a medium color and added it in between & close to all of the dark areas.

Step 4 - is adding the next color and that is E40, which is a color I used mostly to blend the rest together, so the differences weren't as noticeable.  I used this closer to the areas that are going to be lighter.

Step 5 - is to blend it all together to your preference.  I used the E50 that I started with and went over everything lightly to just bring the colors together.  Then in areas I want to deepen the color I went over the blobs with more of the original colors and added a few other colors.  The band of her hat is E15 on the outside edges, E43 next, & E53 in the center.  I have also used just a touch here and there of colors listed in the beginning.

The last step is to add any finishing touches to make it look like actual folds of clothing and shadows and to clean up any unwanted areas.  I was a little careless as I did the dabbing and went outside of the lines.  This can be cleaned up with the Colorless Blender and the finished image looks like this.

I hope this was helpful.  Thanks for looking and have a great day. 

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  1. Nobody would believe this was your "first" tutorial! You did a terrific job! I'm looking forward to more!


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